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Eldrine (Georgia) 2nd press conference

05 May 2011 at 22:08 CEST

The group are planning a dazzling pyrotechnic display to underscore their high-powered song One More Day: "We use fireworks with big effects. This is to give our performance more power, it will breathe energy to the audience."

The band's musical influences are very diverse. Their entry song incorporates elements of pop, rap, DJ, and electronic music. They love many bands, including Linkin Park, 30 Seconds to Mars, Tokio Hotel, and Rammstein.

The press conference following the rehearsal began with a delightful surprise performance from three 5-year-old mrevli dancers, dressed in traditional red and black ethnic garb. The Georgian delegation did this to demonstrate a bit of traditional Georgian culture.

Sophio also sang 'Happy Birthday to the composer of One More Day DJ BE$$.

When one hears Sophio's powerful voice, one might think that she was simply born to sing hard rock, but she reveals that her original style actually focused more on soul and slow songs. She only later learned to sing hard rock with the band's support. Sophio actually served as a backup vocalist in Eurovision 2010 for Sofia Nizharadze, who sang a soft ballad.

The head of the Georgian delegation underscored that the Eurovision contest is exceedingly important to Georgia and that the entire nation would be watching. For them, the Contest proudly symbolises their membership in Europe and their freedom from their former tyranny. They openly admit that their legendary parties, including the Euroclub party planned for tonight in Düsseldorf, are part of their way of making new friends and building relationships within Europe.