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Eldrine (Georgia) 1st press conference

01 May 2011 at 23:14 CEST

The music video scenography and costumes underscored the song’s intense, life-affirming theme. The song itself features elements of rap, rock, and traditional Georgian folk music.

Maia Baratashvili, the Head of the Georgian Delegation, explained that, although Georgia is a very small country, it is divided into various regions which each have a distinct style of dress. Costumes from both the western and eastern areas of the country are featured in their stage costumes. The song itself was not specifically written for the contest, but developed a following which lead to it being selected for entry into the contest.

The band’s members enthused about the large and beautiful stage in the Esprit Arena here in Düsseldorf, Germany and, if their rehearsal performance is any indication, are looking forward to producing a great show. Says Sophio: “"I'm great, so full of energy. I hope to learn a lot of things on this rehearsal, too many things! First of all, I want to see how huge the space is and get experience. I'm so excited!"

She is joined by Mikheil Chelidze (MIKEN) on guitar, Irakli Bibilashvili (BIBO)on bass guitar, David Changoshvili (Chango) as drummer, Beso Tsikhelashvili (Dj BE$$), and Tamar Shekiladze on keyboard.

Interestingly, Sophio is the third person of that name to perform for Georgia in the Eurovision Song Contest, following Sopho Khalvashi in Georgia’s 2007 Eurovision debut and Sopho Nizharadze in 2010. It was also noted that Georgia’s soccer team won an important victory in Düsseldorf many years ago at this time of year. Obviously the air seems to be alive with coincidences and hopefully this will bode well for the Georgian band.

Maia Baratashvili concluded by proposing that everyone should celebrate the Eurovision Song Contest by enjoying some fine Georgian wine.