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Elaiza: "We gonna have fun!"

09 May 2014 at 20:24 CEST

Ela shared her feelings and emotions after their rehearsal today: "Everything was amazing.  And people were just creaming in the arena. Thank you for your support! We also had a new kind of show."

Torsten Amarell, the Head of the German delegation told that they decided to make some new media content. "We are still working on lightning." Just before the jury Final, they have made some changes with the streamer and angles. One journalist asked if they weren’t afraid make such changes just before tonight’s show. Torsten Amarell explained "We know that we have not much time, but we did it. I believe that in the end everything will be good."

Elaiza was asked to sing the refrain of her catchy song Is It Right?

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One question was about the running order in the Grand Final. Ela said that they are satisfied with it. "We love Conchita. It is great to be in the middle. We gonna have fun!"

Elaiza was asked how she spent her last hours before the rehearsal today. Did the girls have some wellness? “We practicing a lot. Drinking a lot of ginger tea – it’s very important! Eating chocolate. And talking to much. I know it’s not good for the voice, but I can’t stop talking,” Ela laughed.

Yvonne was asked how she will celebrate her birthday tomorrow. “We have a surprise for her,” said Ela.