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Elaiza: "We are very happy to be there"

One month has passed since the German people chose Elaiza to represent their country in the 2014 Eurovision Song Contest. Winning the ticket to Copenhagen, the talented trio managed to outpace famous acts like Unheilig and The Baseballs. That's not bad for a band that was hardly known before and only made it to the finals through the "wildcard round", in which they had to compete with over 2.000 other applicants .

We met Elaiza during their video shot for Is It Right in a studio in Berlin. The band was a happy and sweet as always and all three are looking forward to go to Copenhagen. Watch our video interview right below:

"We've never been to Copenhagen. It's so amazing to stand on stage with some many other countries", says Yvonne, who plays the accordion in Elaiza.

The 10th of May is an important day for her, for two reasons: It's the day of the Grand Final, but also her birthday! "We'll have a big cake for you on stage", Natalie, double bassist of the band, jokes.

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"Our sound has got a lot of different styles, influences from Ukraine and Poland. We are mixing our moods with pop music", Ela, the lead vocalist, explains the musical background of the group.

How do you like the German Eurovision song, Is It Right? You can check out the official participant profile, and here is the official preview video: