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Elaiza: Genuine music and heartfelt smiles

10 May 2014 at 13:00 CEST

"It's such an honour to be part of the Eurovision Song Contest", Ela says in our backstage interview. "One year ago we were playing in front of 20 people in our first concert, and now we are on that big stage", Yvonne adds.

Elaiza are genuine musicians, used to both singing and playing their instruments live: Natalie plays the double bass, Yvonne the accordion, and Ela is the lead vocalist. In live gigs she also plays the piano or keyboard, so of course the girls are always in for some live improvising:

The press could witness the musical abilities of Elaiza this week at the official reception of the German Embassy in Copenhagen. Apart from Elaiza, Basim, the Danish representative, also performed, and German specialties were served.

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But of course the stay in Copenhagen is not just about music for the girls of Elaiza. On their days without rehearsals, they spent some hours exploring the city, tasting some Danish pastry, and of course: taking pictures with the Little Mermaid. 

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On that very occasion, they also met some of their loyal fans from Spain and Portugal. "It's such an amazing experience that suddenly fans start talking to us on the streets, asking for photos - so much has changed for us in the last few months", Natalie says.

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It's a real success story which the members of the young band Elaiza have been writing in the past weeks and months, and now they've reached their biggest goal so far: The Grand Final of the 2014 Eurovision Song Contest, tonight in Copenhagen! 

Today is an important day in another sense too: It's Yvonne's birthday! May it be a lucky and beautiful day for her in every possible way!