Eirikur Hauksson: "I love Eurovision!"

To prove that, he's taking part in the Icelandic national selection, this time as a lyricist. The song is called Undir Regnbogann and is composed by Hallgrimur Oskarsson, performed by Ingo.

Earlier this week, he told the fan portal Esctoday.com about his new participation, after he had said he would never do that again. "I'm a big liar. If that would go all the way, it would be great fun as a composer. I didn't intend to get involved but I was asked to find the lyrics and I agreed," he said.

The song is very different from his own 2007 entry Valentine Lost, being "more commercial". He believes the change in the voting process at the Eurovision Song Contest where juries have a say again in the final result is positive. 

Would he do it again? Be a performer? His answer: "It would be tempting if I get the right song". Would he go to Moscow even if he wouldn't represent Iceland? "I know it's a lot of fun and I love being involved with it, so we'll see." 

Hauksson has participated at the Eurovision Song Contest a total of three times - in 1986, 1991 and 2007.

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