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Edurne (Spain): My 'Eurovision dream' is coming true!

17 May 2015 at 12:15 CEST
Edurne - Amanecer (Spain 2015) Elena Volotova
Spain is 'a land of the rising sun', even in this year's Eurovision entry performed by Edurne. After all, a Spanish pop star looked like a ray of sunshine, coming from the south of Europe, as soon as she arrived at the Wiener Stadthalle this morning. "After so many months of preparations, I'm finally here," she said. "Everything looks great and we have perfect technical conditions to make my performance look amazing."
"I feel amazing, this is like my dream coming true. I did so many shows, concerts, and other events, but this is different, this is huge," Edurne told right before her first sound check for the first rehearsal in the Wiener Stadthalle.

Apparently, a 29-year-old dance-pop singer, actress and a TV personality is a big Eurovision fan and very proud of it.

"I'm so glad to be here. I always watch the Eurovision Song Contest, even when I'm busy and on the road, I would always check it out on my computer,« she said. »But now I'm here, being part of it."
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The excitement is there, no doubts about that, and Edurne's team is using every single moment to rehearse and to make the stage performance perfect. "Maybe I feel a bit nervous, but the feeling is positive, I'm really looking forward to being on the Eurovision stage," Edurne Garcia Almagro added.

As we are all curious about the stage performance, asked a Head of Spanish delegation to reveal as at least some details about what's going to happen on the Eurovision stage.

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"The moment captured by Edurne's song Amanecer is sunrise. Last minutes of a battle between the darkness and the light. She thinks about all the memories, fighting against all the bad things happened in her life. So, she struggles with her past, hoping to be able to continue with her life", Federico Ilano explained. "It's all about the battle, right before the sunrise. That excitement is what the song and her performance is all about."

Edurne: Of course, I would like to win

"I'm feeling great and excited. Everything looks amazing. The stage is huge and it was all fine. But, of course, we are going make some adjustments and make it even better for the second rehearsal," Endure said after her first rehearsal in the Wiener Stadthalle.

What does she like the most? To sing, act or to host TV shows?

"My music is the most important to me. I like to make music, to sing, go on tour and have concerts. Because that was my dream. Still, I like to try new things and I enjoy acting and hosting TV shows too," this year's Spanish contestant replied.

What is her song Amanecer about?

"Our song is about those hard moments in your life when you have to make important decisions. You have to be brave and fight like a tiger. I was looking for new songs for my album and when I've heard this one, my first thought was: wow, this one would be perfect for the Eurovision."

Why in Spanish?

"First, it was in Spanish already when I've heard it. Second, I think it goes well with the message of this year's Eurovision – Building bridges. Music and culture connect people."

Thinking about winning the contest?

"Of course I would like to win. We are all here to give our best, hoping to win. Spain won the Eurovision last time 47 years ago, it would be nice to win. That would be amazing."

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At the beginning of her performance, Edurne is sitting on the floor covered by a long red cloak with a hood, holding a man (dancer) in her arms. Rain drops are falling and it looks quite dark in the opening scene. A drama on the stage intensifies as she gets up and walks away from a mysterious man. 

As soon as the rhythm starts, a dancer pools the cloak and reveals Edurne's shiny golden dress designed by Jose Fuentes. From that moment, everything is about an acrobatic dance.

So, Edurne will not be alone on the stage. A young dancer, Giuseppe Di Bella, joins her representing and illustrating the darkness and struggle with the past, Miryan Benedited Arce, who came up with the choreography for the performance said. "It's more like a fantasy. There is no specific dance style. His moves are there to illustrate that dramatic battle she is going through."

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