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Edurne's Spanish 'drama' erupts on Eurovision stage

20 May 2015 at 13:15 CEST
Edurne García Almagro has it all. She looks stunning, sings like an angel and acts like she was doing it all her life, even though she wanted to be a vet. Still, taking part in the Eurovision Song Contest was her biggest dream since she was a child and that dream finally came true. "Eurovision is my biggest challenge so far, because it's something different and this event is huge. Millions are watching the show all over the world," Edurne told "Besides I like to try new things and this is one of the best experiences in my life."
"I'm so excited as the show on Saturday is getting close and I enjoy every second here. It's an amazing feeling. So many talented artists on one place. Really looking forward to the Grand Final show. But first I have my second rehearsal here today", Edurne said, glowing in her new even shinier and "gold-ier" dress with no trace of nerves, as she's getting ready for another rehearsal in the Wiener Stadthalle.
Gallery: Edurne (Spain): Second rehearsal
"I was here last night, so I could get what's the atmosphere like", the 29-year-old pop-dance sensation from Spain said. "The show was amazing, I can imagine how big and glamorous it will be on Saturday."

The Eurovision contestants usually avoid sharing thoughts about their favourites. But we still wanted to find out if there are any Eurovision entries Edurne would listen outside of the show. "I can tell you which songs I really like from the first Semi-Final: Albania and Georgia."

And if you would have to share the Eurovision stage with another artist, who would it be – we asked. "I think it would be interesting to perform with Loïc from Belgium. For some reason I think our voices would match well," Edurne replied.

Every performer has their own way of getting ready for the stage performance and the vocal warm-ups are usually part of it. "For me, the most important thing is to able to relax and clear my thoughts, some time before going to the stage. That's all."

Gallery: Edurne (Spain): Second press conference

Spain's queen of the social media

About the second rehearsal

"I am happy with our last rehearsal it was better than the first one. We will still have to fix some things, of course, but I'm satisfied. We are probably going to improve some camera shots," Edurne said at her second Press conference in the Wiener Stadthalle.

What do you about the criticism, also present in Spanish media?

"I think it's ok. Because not all people like my song. I don't have issues with accepting criticism and it didn't reflect my decision to take part in the Eurovision Song Contest. This is probably the most important experience in my life so far."

About the future projects

'I've recorded a new album last month including this song but also with a symphonic orchestra. I can hardly wait it to be published."

Surprised to be the queen of social media?

"It's amazing. I can hardly believe it. We have a lot of countries and performs here. We are working so hard and it's amazing to know that I'm so popular on the social media platforms."

Is true you named your dog Vienna?

"I love animals. I would like to have a dog when this all ends and I will call it Vienna that's true.

During the Press conference, it was also decided that Edurne will compete in the second half of the Grand Final.

"We are going to have some adjustments in the background on the LED elements, but nothing big. Furthermore, we will also try different camera angles and lights", a stage director, Jose Rubira-Castella, told while waiting the second rehearsal for Spain to begin.

"Her song has a universal story. It is about love, about the moment when you have to listen to your heart and make a decision and to continue further with your life. We need to make this message clear for everyone, that it why we are going to make small changes," he explained.

"It is not an easy performance. This would be challenging for any artists and Edurne seems to be the only one without  the backing vocalists, not even in a chorus. Breathing and singing while you also have to dance is a big risk. But she never had a problem to confront her with new challenges."

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