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Edurne premieres Spanish preview

12 March 2015 at 10:00 CET

The video of Spain was filmed in Valencia at the end of January. Amanecer is the song that will represent Spain in Vienna at the Eurovision Song Contest. It is produced with special effects to create that fantasy world and it also includes a nod to Eurovision -can you find out which?

The video, produced by David Arnal and Germán de la Hoz, takes us to an invented world full of nature. An epic landscape mixed with natural scenery where steep mountains meet lush vegetation and majestic skies. Edurne looks beautiful and displays no less than four costume changes. In the video below she greets the readers of

A story of overcoming

Amanecer, Break Of Day, is set in a heavenly world where the heroine lives with her beloved. But when he proposes to her, her whole world changes. Because of her insecurities she turns into a tiger, a wild animal that symbolizes her armour towards real love.

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Her beloved flees and the idyllic world where they lived turns into a perpetual night where the golden colours of sunrise become an endless grey night. It is then when she decides to go in search of her beloved leaving behind the darkness and fears with each step. The tiger vanishes along the way. She has now gained enough strength to reach the dawn.