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Eduard Romanyuta: It's our criminal thriller!

11 May 2015 at 13:14 CEST
Eduard Romanyuta from Moldova puts the second question in our Quiz Andres Putting (EBU)
Only some moments are left till the first rehearsal to be opened by Eduard Romanyuta, the Moldovan representative. Of course, the singer and his team are very excited and can’t wait to enter the stage, to live and to experience it for the first time!

It is the honour for the Moldovan representative and his whole team to enter the stage and to rehearse under number one. The whole team appeared backstage in a great mood, laughing and making jokes, very relaxed and happy to be here. Eduard walked past the playstation XBoxOne that is set in the backstage area: "It will be my favourite stage", the singer joked.

After changing their clothes, Eduard’s dancers and backing vocalists completely changed their optical identity turning into a police crew, similar to Eduard’s official video of I Want Your Love. The "police women" didn't forget the important thing - a red lipstick, and the male dancers were very proud of their police hats.

"We want to make something special out of it, to show a lot of action and energy on stage." The artist and his great team will definitely have fun in the Wiener Stadthalle and enjoy their "police" show.

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Eduard’s first rehearsal: A love story and a thriller

On stage, Eduard and his team created the atmosphere that is similar to their official clip. The whole show is a love story with thriller elements. The beginning of the song takes place on the smaller metal stage with different levels that is set in the middle of the real stage. Eduard appears on the top of it and then slowly comes down.

"Remind me why we ain’t together", he addresses to the police woman while his male dancers are in pursuit of the singer. Following him with the dancing movements, they create the thrilling feeling. But as it is a love story, the leading colour is red with some white-grey skyscrapers, police men and police cars on the background. Does this story have a happy end or not is up to the imagination of the fans.

In the last round of the Moldovan rehearsal, the fireworks were used. 

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