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Contest organisers: "It all comes down to teamwork!"

09 May 2018 at 20:37 CEST
EBU press-conference in Lisbon 2018 Andres Putting
Today Host Broadcaster RTP and the European Broadcasting Union gave a joint press conference to update the press about the state of the 2018 Eurovision Song Contest.

Jon Ola Sand, Executive Supervisor of the Eurovision Song Contest, opened the press conference by sharing that the EBU's relationship with RTP has flourished under strong cooperation. Reflecting on the first Semi-Final, he added: "What you saw yesterday is the result of the professional work done by RTP, which started on day one." From the EBU's perspective, he shared that it is paramount to leave new knowledge behind to the host country: "The whole core decision-making team are from RTP, it is a fantastic opportunity for them. We always team up with the best local talent."

In response to Jon Ola Sand, RTP Executive Producer João Nuno Nogueira confirmed that the skills they have learned from the international resources have been huge, and that will come out in their future work. He gave thanks to the EBU for the support they have felt since day one. "This is the longest-running, most valued and most challenging television show in the world. A total of 1,162 professionals work on this year's Eurovision Song Contest. This is all about team and communication. We are excited about the first legacy we will have after the 12th of May."

This teamwork no doubt played a part in Portugal pulling off the least expensive Eurovision Song Contest since the show began with two Semi-Finals in 2008. It was shared that the event will close with an overall budget of 19.7 and 20.1 million euros.

Deputy Executive Producer Carla Bualho spoke about they look forward to showcasing Lisbon and Portugal in the best way. "When Salvador Sobral won, the [Portugese people] started paying attention to Eurovision again. Now that it has been held in Portugal, people are realizing the extent of the event, from the Euro Village and beyond; it is much more than the three live shows. It lands on the city and makes it alive for two weeks of party and joy. Now in Portugal, people know what Eurovision is.

A question from the press about costs and efficiency of production prompted João Nuno Nogueira to add that, provided the budget could stay the same, the RTP would be ready to produce the show again. In advance of looking too far forward, he closed: "We want to make the Eurovision Song Contest 2018 as simple and elegant as Salvador's performance last year."