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EBU reveals split voting outcome, surprising results

28 June 2010 at 12:12 CEST

1 to 8, 10 and 12 points were given by juries and televoters in each country, then combined, and the combined top-10 would determine the actual vote given by that respective country, whereas jury and televoting counted for 50% each.

In the Final, juries and viewers agreed upon the German entry as winner and the UK entry as the song to finish last. In between, there was some disagreement; France, Serbia, Israel and Belgium were awarded significantly different amounts of points by the juries and the televoters. Televoters were also more decisive in the Final, as Germany finished with a higher amount of points and at larger distance from the runner-up in the viewers' vote. We leave further analysis to you, as we hearby reveal the split voting results for the Final of the 2010 Eurovision Song Contest:

Final (combined)Final (televoting)Final (jury vote)1Germany246Germany243Germany1872Turkey170Turkey177Belgium1853Romania162Denmark174Romania1674Denmark149Armenia166Georgia1605Azerbaijan145Azerbaijan161Israel1346Belgium143Romania155Ukraine1297Armenia141Greece152Denmark1218Greece140France151Turkey1199Georgia136Georgia127Azerbaijan11610Ukraine108Serbia110Armenia11611Russia90Russia107Greece11012France82Spain106Albania9713Serbia72Ukraine94Portugal6914Israel71Belgium76Bosnia & Herzegovina6515Spain68Iceland40Russia6316Albania62Bosnia & Herzegovina35Ireland6217Bosnia & Herzegovina51Albania35Norway6118Portugal43Moldova28Cyprus5719Iceland41Israel27Iceland5720Norway35Portugal24Spain4321Cyprus27Norway18Serbia3722Moldova27Belarus18France3423Ireland25Cyprus16Moldova3324Belarus18Ireland15Belarus2225United Kingdom10United Kingdom7United Kingdom18

In the Semi-Finals, juries had a 50% stake in the outcome for the first time, following the success of the introduction of professional juries in the Final last year. Five music industry professionals in each country judged the entries on the originality of the composition, act, quality of the vocal performance and overall picture.

Belarus, Moldova and Russia benefit from televoter support in the first Semi-Final, while Bosnia & Herzegovina's high placing with the professional juries helped them to get to the Final as televoters placed them 11th. Belgium won the first Semi-Final in the combined result and in the jury vote, while televoters placed Tom Dice and his guitar third. Juries considered songs from Malta, FYR Macedonia and Estonia worthy to the Final, televoters disagreed and eliminated the three. Latvia had the unfortunate honour to finish last with both the juries as well as the televoters. Here are the split voting results for the first Semi-Final of the 2010 Eurovision Song Contest:

First Semi-Final (combined)First Semi-Final (televoting)First Semi-Final (jury)1Belgium 167Greece151Belgium1652Greece  133Iceland149Portugal1073Iceland123Belgium146Greece994Portugal89Russia92Albania965Serbia79Serbia92Bosnia & Herzegovina866Albania76Finland69Iceland857Russia74Albania68Malta669Belarus59Belarus63Serbia658Bosnia & Herzegovina59Portugal58Estonia6410Moldova52Moldova54FYR Macedonia6211Finland49Bosnia & Herzegovina42Poland5812Malta45Malta40Belarus4713Poland44Poland38Moldova4214Estonia39Slovakia34Russia4115FYR Macedonia37FYR Macedonia30Finland3716Slovakia24Estonia22Slovakia2517Latvia11Latvia12Latvia15

The split results of the second Semi-Final also show some surprises. Most significantly, the jury top-10 consisted of the same countries as the actual list of qualifiers. Due to a close race in the middle section of the televoter's leaderboard, televoters couldn't make the difference for Lithuania and Sweden, which viewers at home considered Final-worthy. Switzerland, Slovenia and Bulgaria closed the list of 17 in both the jury results as well as with the televoting. Azerbaijan won the televote, Georgia came first with the juries, and Turkey benefit from that disagreement finishing first in the combined results as a worthy compromise. Here are the split voting results for the second Semi-Final of the 2010 Eurovision Song Contest:

Second Semi-Final (combined)Second Semi-Final (televoting)Second Semi-Final (jury vote)1Turkey118Azerbaijan126Georgia1172Azerbaijan113Turkey119Turkey933Georgia106Romania113Azerbaijan894Romania104Denmark106Israel885Denmark101Georgia102Armenia846Armenia83Armenia90Ireland847Ukraine77Ukraine77Denmark838Israel71Lithuania65Romania809Ireland67Sweden64Cyprus7910Cyprus67Cyprus53Ukraine7811Sweden62The Netherlands49Sweden7612Lithuania44Israel46Croatia5413Croatia33Ireland43Lithuania2714The Netherlands29Croatia22The Netherlands2615Bulgaria19Bulgaria15Bulgaria2516Slovenia6Slovenia11Switzerland1417Switzerland2Switzerland1Slovenia5

"It's good to see that for the second time in a row, music industry professionals and the viewers at home agreed upon the winner of the Eurovision Song Contest," Svante Stockselius, Executive Supervisor of the contest on behalf of the EBU said to "We believe in televoting as the most democratic way to pick the winner of Europe's favourite TV-show, and at the same time we believe in the opinion of music industry professionals, who have a nose for potential hits, with chart success for several of this year's entries across Europe as a result."