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EBU 'pleased with Junior 2009'

19 November 2009 at 13:23 CET

At the press conference, Bjørn Erichsen (Director of Eurovision TV), Vasyl Ilashchuk (President of NTU), Ruslan Tkachenko (Executive Producer of the 2009 Junior Eurovision Song Contest) and Kati Varblane (Junior Eurovision Song Contest Event Manager) were present. 

'No problems'

According to Mr Erichsen, the EBU is very pleased with how the Junior Eurovision Song Contest is organised this year and pointed out that NTU had done a 'perfect job' already back in 2005 when they hosted the Eurovision Song Contest. 

Executive Producer, Ruslan Tkachenko added that they have currently no problems and that's even scary for them. But he was sure that the event will be really beautiful and well organised. Also, many people want to have tickets for the Final, which are distributed for free.

Guarantees for safety

All parties also ensured there were no health and safety problems at this year's Junior Eurovision Song Contest. Both, the EBU and NTU are monitoring the situation very closely and making sure everyone's healthy.

"We have a guarantee from the Ministry of Health and the Office of the Prime Minister of Ukraine that everyone will be safe," Erichsen said. "The World Health Organisation also did not see any reason why not to hold the contest in Kyiv now."

Vasyl Ilashchuk also presented the trophy of the 2009 Junior Eurovision Song Contest, which is a golden statue looking like the theme art of this year's contest.