EBU launches survey to make Eurovision 'even greater'

Nearly 5000 people from all over Europe will be asked to participate in the survey, randomly picked by a specialised agency. Jon Ola Sand explains the idea and goals behind the survey in a short interview with Eurovision.tv.

Who is involved in the survey?

This is a broad pan-European survey, mainly aiming at a representative choice of regular viewers, age 16 and upwards. In addition to that, we are going to talk to a specific group of Eurovision Song Contest related individuals. Heads of Delegations, fans, bloggers, journalists and other people we know have a special relationship to the contest.

Every week we receive a lot of questions and suggestions from various stakeholders, and we thought it would be good to be more methodical in our communication with them.

What is the purpose of the planned survey?

We would like to know more about how the Eurovision Song Contest is perceived in the different countries in Europe. We would like to know more about our viewers and non-viewers. Who are they? What are their media habits? What do they think about the Eurovision Song Contest?

It would be a pity not to learn more, and in order to deliverer an even greater contest in the upcoming years we need to analyse and understand. The plan has been in place for a while, but we found it right to roll it out now.

What kind of information are you looking for?

Everything that can be useful to better interact with our audience, for example awareness, viewing time, image, brand, voting, commentators, fairness, hosts, interval acts and much more.

What do you expect to achieve with it?

Keep the Eurovision Song Contest relevant, modern and attractive for the upcoming years.

Are there any plans for the 60th anniversary yet?

We are working close with some of our members to pay tribute to the Eurovision Song Contest in 2015. How, when and where, is a bit early, but I'll keep you updated. I promise!

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