Satellite dish at the EBU's headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland.
Satellite dish at the EBU's headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland. Photo: EBU

EBU issues statement on Eurovision 2019 Grand Final jury result

The EBU has made the following statement on the results of the 2019 Eurovision Song Contest:

"The Belarusian jury was dismissed following the reveal of their votes from the first Semi-Final which is contrary to the rules of the Eurovision Song Contest. In order to comply with the Contest’s voting regulations, the EBU worked with its voting partner digame to create a substitute aggregated result (calculated based on the results of other countries with similar voting records), which was approved by voting monitor Ernst & Young, to determine the Belarusian jury votes for the Grand Final.

"The EBU can confirm, following standard review practices, we have discovered that due to a human error an incorrect aggregated result was used. This had no impact on the calculation of points derived from televoting across the 41 participating countries and the overall winner and Top 4 songs of the Contest remain unchanged.

"To respect both the artists and EBU Members which took part, we wish to correct the final results in accordance with the rules. The correct jury points have now been added to the scoreboard and the revised totals for each participating broadcaster, and their country, have been published on

The EBU and its partners digame and Ernst & Young deeply regret that this error was not identified earlier and will review the processes and controls in place to prevent this from happening again."

The corrected result

  1. Netherlands (498 points)

  2. Italy (472 points)

  3. Russia (370 points)

  4. Switzerland (364 points)

  5. Sweden (334 points)

  6. Norway (331 points)

  7. North Macedonia (305 points)

  8. Azerbaijan (302 points)

  9. Australia (284 points)

  10. Iceland (232 points)

  11. Czech Republic (157 points)

  12. Denmark (120 points)

  13. Cyprus (109 points)

  14. Malta (107 points)

  15. Slovenia (105 points)

  16. France (105 points)

  17. Albania (90 points)

  18. Serbia (89 points)

  19. San Marino (77 points)

  20. Estonia (76 points)

  21. Greece (74 points)

  22. Spain (54 points)

  23. Israel (35 points)

  24. Belarus (31 points)

  25. Germany (24 points)

  26. United Kingdom (11 points)

You can see the updated results on the event page.

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