Dutch pick Je Vecht Nooit Alleen for 3JS

The 3JS were chosen internally by broadcaster TROS several months ago. You can watch the whole show once again on Eurovision.tv!

The winning song, translated as You Never Fight Alone, won with an overwhelming majority of the votes from the public, and also finished first with the jury. The full outcome of the Nationaal Songfestival 2011 was:

  1. Je Vecht Nooit Alleen (1st place in the jury vote, 63,8% of the televotes)
  2. De Stoom (2nd place in the jury vote, 25,5% of the televotes)
  3. Weelderig Waardeloos (5th place in the jury vote, 5,8% of the televotes)
  4. Toen Ik Jou Vergat (4th place in the jury vote, 3,9% of the televotes)
  5. Ga Dan Niet (3rd place in the jury vote, 1% of the televotes)

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