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Dutch kings try to prove themselves in English

14 April 2011 at 01:43 CEST

The 3JS were chosen internally by broadcaster TROS already in 2010. And in a national final TV show in January of 2011, their song Je Vecht Nooit Alleen was chosen. The song received an overwhelming majority of the votes from the public, and it also finished first with the jury.

Then, the three musicians, described as kings of Dutch-language pop, took the step into English. In mid-March, they presented the Eurovision Song Contest version of the song, now entitled Never Alone.

Started out in a bar

3JS can already boast several gold records, as well as a successful tour. The key to their wide appeal is claimed to be their genuine approach. Their fans come from all ranks of society: young, old, men, women, poor, rich, couch potatoes or counter-culturists.

It all started when the three dyed-in-the-wool local musicians gave a performance in a local bar, just for the fun of it. Their songs – pop music with Dutch lyrics, with a touch of Irish folk – hit the jackpot. Before anyone could come up with a band name, 3JS was a household name.

A Dutch pop classic

Their prize-winning debut album Watermensen from 2007 sold gold, and their second album, Kamers Van M’n Hart, was declared a Dutch pop classic. With the third album, Dromers En Dwazen, the trio won an Edison and scored their first number one single: Wat Is Dromen.

3JS have been triumphant with Dutch-language pop. But in Düsseldorf, with Never Alone, they intend to prove that they can score big in English as well.

They will compete as the third song of the Second Semi-Final on the 12th of May.

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Never Alone is written by Jaap Schilder, Jan Dulles and Jaap Kwakman, the three members of 3JS.