Dutch decide on 30 January

The band, 3JS, which was chosen to represent the Netherlands some while ago, has announced that they've already finished 4 out of 5 songs for the Dutch national selection.

The songs currently ready, are titled Nooit Alleen (Never Alone), Je Verliest En Je Wint (You Lose And You Win), Geef Mij Een Naam (Give Me A Name) and Toen Ik Jou Vergat (When I Forgot About You).

During the national selection, held on the 30th of January, the public (50%) and a professional jury (50%) will get to choose the song that the band will take to Germany.

In 2010, the Netherlands failed to qualify for the Final in Oslo, finishing 14th in the second Semi-Final with Sieneke's Ik Ben Verliefd (Sha-la-lie).

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