Dutch artists shine on stage

The Toppers decided to use the same visual style as in their preview video for the live performance. When the trio did their first rehearsal on Wednesday, the massive LED screens in the arena displayed blue and silver white shapes reminding of a retro science fiction. In their palm, they held lamps producing an effect similar to that in their video, and the choreography also have several moves in common with the previously seen presentation. However, the group had added several new elements  to their show. The most noticeable addition was perhaps three ladies in white wigs and glittery white dresses. For the costumes, the lead singers themselves used black garments sprayed with shining lamps. The Toppers were in high spirits during the rehearsal, giving shoutouts to the attenders such as “hello, international press!” For the last run of the song, a massive firework show went off, including fires, coloured bolts and silver fountains.


The Toppers consist of the three Dutch stars René Froger, Gordon and Jeroen van der Boom. René Froger's professional career started off in 1987 with his hit single Winter In America. He had his breakthrough with his major hit Alles Kan Een Mens Gelukkig Maken which topped the charts for months. All-round artist Gordon started his professional career with the number 1 hit single Kon Ik Maar Bij Je Zijn, many more hit singles followed. From that moment on, he starred in many radio and television shows. Jeroen van der Boom has been performing since he was twelve years old. In 2007, he scored two consecutive number 1 hit singles, Jij Bent Zo and Één Wereld. This, together with his successful solo album and other hit singles, marked his definite breakthrough.

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At their press conference, the Toppers brought the show element of these happenings to another level. Instead of sitting behind the podium desk, the three lead singers started off standing in the front of the hall stage, telling jokes and proposing to perform a big band version of their song. They proceeded with singing the whole entry for the attendance to a pre-recoded tape of the song in a big band arrangement. Part of the audience got to their feet, and the applause was massive. In the actual press conferennce, the band made several jokes. They presented the press kit from the Netherlands, which plays the song when unfolded.

"You can send it to someone you really hate!" they commented.

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