Dustin the Turkey in Irish national final?

The 2008 Irish selection for the Eurovision Song Contest might have a true superstar amidst its entries as the most loved turkey in Ireland might enter Eurosong: Dustin the Turkey is rumoured to have entered a song to the RTÉ selection committee! 

Dustin shot to fame when he was introduced in RTÉ's highly successful show The Den in 1990. He was introduced as a character as a prize for a golf tournament winner - however, it turned out that he was not only still alive, but also had a North Dublin accent! Since then, Dustin has outlived four human co-presenters making him the longest serving member of the cast of The Den.

Apart from his interest in politics, Dustin also showed a weakness for music: he has released 14 singles already and 6 albums. His last superselling album Bling When You're Mingling was released for christmas 2005 and featured the duet with Chris De Burgh Patricia The Stripper. Now, more than two years later, Dustin has decided that it's time for a comeback in the music scene. He hopes to win the Irish national final and be the first turkey ever in the history of the Eurovision Song Contest! 

Without doubt... more news to come in the next days, so stay tuned! 

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