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Duncan Laurence takes 'Arcade' to Eurovision for The Netherlands

07 March 2019 at 19:10 CET
Duncan Laurence AVROTROS
Duncan Laurence will represent The Netherlands at the 2019 Eurovision Song Contest in Tel Aviv with 'Arcade'. The singer-songwriter wrote the song himself and the music video has just been released.

Talking publicly about Arcade, Duncan explained: "When I was studying at the Rockacademie I learned that you can appeal to a large audience without losing your own story in the process. I searched for touching stories that moves people, from my own life or someone else's. I got my inspiration from the story of a loved one who died at a young age. I decided to call the song 'Arcade' - the words and chords came by themselves, which is why, despite the alternations in the song, it still sounds so organic. During the writing process of Arcade I received help from Joel Sjöö and Wouter Hardy and because of that it developed into a shared story and not just my own. Arcade is a story about the search for the love of your life. It is the hope for the - sometimes - unattainable."

Duncan went on to say: "I have written several songs since Arcade, but to me Arcade feels like the core and the start of my search for how I can do something meaningful for others with my songs. Even though I had already been writing songs for years, Arcade still feels like the start of my career. I want to touch people with my music, possibly help them and give them something. In the case of Arcade, I have created some advice for myself and hopefully for others as well. A lesson of life: you determine your own happiness."

In the months leading up to May, Duncan will focus on perfecting his staging for Tel Aviv. He will be doing so together with his creative team which will include Hans Pannecoucke (artistic direction), Ignace d'Haese (lighting) and Ilse DeLange (one half of The Common Linnets).

About Duncan Laurence

Duncan Laurence was born in 1994 in Spijkenisse, The Netherlands. He graduated this year from the Rock Academy in Tilburg where he developed himself as a singer, songwriter and music producer. Besides that, he spent a lot of time writing songs in London and Stockholm. Read more..

The Netherlands in Eurovision

The Netherlands has a proud history of competing at the Eurovision Song Contest with four victories. Their first victory was delivered by Corry Brokken who represented the country for three years in a row between 1956-1958. She won in 1958 with Net Als Toen, but finished last a year later before Teddy Scholten took the country back to the top again in 1959 with Een Beetje. The most recent victory came in 1975 with Teach-In’s Ding-a-Dong and The Netherlands didn’t reach the top three again until 2014 when The Common Linnets took second place with Calm after the Storm. The Netherlands set another record when it missed out on the Grand Final for eight consecutive years between 2005 and 2012 but has qualified from the Semi-Finals in all but one of the last six years, finishing in the top half four times. Last year Waylon finished 18th with Outlaw In 'Em.

Do you think that Duncan Laurence has a good chance to make the Grand Final with Arcade? Let us know in the comments!