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Duncan Laurence wins Eurovision 2019 for the Netherlands

19 May 2019 at 01:10 CEST
Winner 2019 Thomas Hanses
Duncan Laurence has won the 2019 Eurovision Song Contest for the Netherlands with 'Arcade'. They won a total of 498 points from the expert juries and televote. Italy finished in second place and Russia came third. 'Arcade' is written and composed by Duncan Laurence, Joel Sjöö and Wouter Hardy.

Duncan Laurence delivers 5th win for the Netherlands

Duncan Laurence won the 2019 Eurovision Song Contest with 498 points. The Netherlands scored 237 from the jury and 261 from the international televote. It was enough to win the Eurovision Song Contest by 26 points. Italy finished second with 472 and Russia third with 370 points.

(Edited on 22-05-2019 with corrected results)

Duncan Laurence ended a 44 year wait for a fifth Eurovision Song Contest victory for the Netherlands. The last winner was Teach In back in 1975.

About Duncan Laurence

24 year old Duncan Laurence was born in 1994 in Spijkenisse, The Netherlands. He graduated this year from the Rock Academy in Tilburg, The Netherlands. Here he developed himself as a singer, songwriter and music producer. Besides that, he spent a lot of time writing songs in London and Stockholm.

Speaking when he was selected to represent the Netherlands, Duncan said: “In the past few years many well known artists represented The Netherlands at the Eurovision Song Contest. I’m not well-known, but that’s also a good thing; The Netherlands has a lot of young and talented musicians. My participation proves that nothing is impossible. You can suddenly get the opportunity to represent your country on an international stage. I’m very proud to represent my country… I will give it my all!

He certainly did give it his all, delivering the Netherlands a first victory at the Eurovision Song Contest since 1975, a 44 year wait that has come to an end tonight.

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