Düsseldorf: Wir Geben 'Ne Party

Besides the heavy work schedule of each delegation in the Eurovision Song Contest, there always remains a time for each delegation to socialise and integrate with other artists from all over Europe.

San Marino set the standard

The first type of party which exists in Europe's Favourite TV Show is that of each delegation. The responsibility of feeding, watering, entertaining and keeping the delegates happy rests on the shoulders of the country who is responsible for that particular event.

2011 saw the first ever party thrown by San Marino, under the auspices of the very well organised press officer,  Eddy Anselmi. A magnificent time was had by all and many other artists turned up to sample the San Marinese cuisine and hospitality.

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Georgian hospitality

Another country which is renowned for their great hospitality is Georgia, a relatively new nation in terms of the Eurovision Song Contest. When Georgia debuted in 2007, delegates were treated to a display of traditional Georgian traditional dancing and sword fighting at the inaugural Georgian delegates party. 

In recent years, fans and delegates have come to look forward to the Georgian party, mainly because of the quality food and beverage offerings.

In Germany, Georgia did not fail to impress the respective delegations in respect of food, drink and entertainment once again.

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