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Düsseldorf: A day in the life of a Semi-Finalist

Posted 20 October 2011 at 21:04

A special film was made, following Sjonni's Friends for the whole day, from breakfast in their hotel first thing in the morning, right the way through to capturing the emotions backstage after they qualified for the Final.
The Icelandic entry in Düsseldorf, Coming Home was a truly special project. Songwriter Sjonni Brink had written the song, which was intended to be a solo effort and entered it in the Icelandic national selection, having made it through to the semi finals.
Tragically, Sjonni passed away suddenly prior to his scheduled performance in the Icelandic selection. Shortly afterwards, Sjonni's widow Thorunn Erna Clausen made the decision to keep the song in the competition, and asked six of Sjonni's closest friends to perform Coming Home in memory of their great friend.

Watch our special film on Semi-Final day

Follow the coverage of our day behind the scenes with Sjonni's Friends in our special film, where you can see:-
  • Sjonni's Friends jamming session in their hotel room singing Johnny Logan's What's Another Year
  • The bus journey from the hotel to the Düsseldorf arena to the Icelandic dressing rooms
  • A surprise meeting with Germany's Lena who presented the guys with a special gift
  • Clips from the performance, and the emotional reactions after qualification for the Final
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Eurovision.tv would like to sincerely thank the Icelandic delegation for their co-operation and for making this project possible.
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