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Drums and lots of energy for Bulgaria

11 May 2013 at 17:52 CEST

Before the second Bulgarian rehearsal, spoke to Stoyan Yankulov backstage. Even though the stage act includes a lot of drumming, dancing and running, he is still having a relaxed time: "This is like vacation for me - I'm a sportsman so I am used to more, to be racing and sweating."

Elitsa and Stoyan secured the best Bulgarian placing to date in the Eurovision Song Contest in 2007with Voda. But Stoyan doesn't feel extra pressure because of this in their second attempt this year: "It's just like back then, we are doing a very professional TV show, we are working with great people, so we're not under pressure at all."

A vivid act

In the rehearsal, the cameras were mainly following Elitsa's vivid stage act: She did not only sing but also play the drums, kneel down, and throw drumsticks. In the end, she ran all the way along the catwalk together with Stoyan and Venci Venc', their backing dancer, who is actually a star on his own in Bulgaria.

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The whole performance looked very professional and full of energy on the screens, and the vocals of Elitsa and her three backing vocalists, who were dressed in traditional folk costumes, were flawless.

From horizontal to vertical drums

Elitsa first commented on the second rehearsal: "I feel comfortable. Everything is perfect - I have enough adrenaline."

Then Stoyan introduced the backing artists: "We are with three backing vocals from the Dragostin Folk choir who won the second place in Eurovision for choirs two years ago in Macnhester, and we have Venci Venc' with us too." On their musical style, he added: "One thing will never change: we always have our traditional Bulgarian sounds as a base for our music."

Elitsa Todorova: "First of all, I would like to thank all the fans who supported us with Voda in Eurovision 2007 - it means a lot to me. I will be happy if our song is heard by all the children of the world as they are our future." Their song Samo Shampioni (Only Champions) also fits the theme of sports. "We hope to bring the Olympic spirit to Eurovision", Elitsa stated.

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On the catwalk in the Malmö Arena, Elitsa walked barefoot today: "I love to be in contact with the earth. I have been to many places in the world, and when I touch the ground with bare feet, I can feel the spirit of the soil."

Stoyan explained the musical background of the duo: "We both studied percussion, and Elitsa is a professional vocalist too. We always use many many percussion instruments and drums, and also sometimes a traditional Bulgarian juice harp. This is our style."

Elitsa gave more details on the instruments on stage: "We are proud to show you our new drumkit, the Olympic Drum. Also you have seen our other special drum, the Cosmic Drum, which we’ve used for the first time on the Eurovision stage. And I am happy to see that we are not the only ones to use drums not horizontally but vertically – this is a great evolution." Stoyan jokingly added: "Next time we will use flying drums."

On the question if they were proud to represent Bulgaria in Eurovision, Stoyan replied: "We participate once again because BNT invited us and the Bulgarian people have high hopes on us due to our success. That’s why I feel more responsible to make an even better berformance with maximum quality because that’s what people expect."