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Dream first rehearsal for Malta

17 May 2010 at 14:48 CEST

The staging for Malta is similar to that used in their national selection.The backdrop is dark initially, then fluctuates between blue, white and black throughout whilst  spotlights beam down on to the performers. At the end of the last chorus and the finale of the song pyrotechnics are used.

Thea is wearing a grey and silver dress and is joined again on stage by the male dancer dressed as a bird with a long wingspan who gyrates around moving his wings for the early part of the performance. Towards the latter part of of the song, he becomes more prominent in his own right, dancing gracefully behind Thea as the song reaches it's climax. The key difference on stage is that Thea is now joined by three female backing vocalists to enhance the power of the refrain.


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A little child was born in 1992

The Maltese delegation arrived for their press conference in full costume, including the dancer with his huge wings!. Thea opened by introducing her team and then explained the meaning of the dancer with wings on stage and what it meant. She adds " He is dressed as a seagull, as the seagull is one of the few birds that whatever comes his way, he still flies, and that's the message of the song. When you have a dream, no matter what comes for your way still reach for your dream."

Thea explained that she had met her songwriter and composer Sunny Aquilina and Jason Cassar when she was only 14 years old, and they had promised to write a song for her when she was older. This excited her as it was the same songwriting team who had discovered Chiara, who has now gone on to represent Malta in Europe's Favourite TV Show three times.

As well as a participant, Thea admits to being a big fan of the Eurovision Song Contest. She said "I have been recording the contest every year and keeping them since 1997. I also record and follow the Junior Eurovision Song Contest. Coincidentally, in 1992 when I was born, a lady called Mary Spiteri represented Malta with a great song called Little Child, I was the little child who was born at almost the very same time as that!"

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Thea Garrett has accompanied the North West Choir from the United Kingdom as a soloist whilst performing an oratory at the Anglican Church in Valletta. She is currently a member of Enkor, a gospel classical choir, with whom she also performs as a soloist. Recently Thea sang with famous Italian singer, Gigi D’Alessio on the opening night of his world tour in Rome and was again invited to sing in Milan, where this time Gigi accompanied Thea on his piano and let her sing one of his favourite songs as a soloist. Her song My Dream is composed by Jason Cassar and lyrics by Sunny Aquilina .As a composer, Jason participated in various festivals both in Malta and abroad. He represented Malta in the Eurovision Song Contest 1998 in Birmingham with the legendary song The One That I Love by Chiara, lyrics by Sunny Aquilina. They are renowned for finding new talent and good artists. Besides introducing Chiara to the musical scene, the duo also worked closely with Kevin Borg, winner of Swedish Pop Idol in 2008.