Draperies and gospel for Latvia

For the gospel styled entry What For?, Latvia revealed a large half-circle of blue-grey draperies on stage. In the middle of this, Aisha performed together with four backing singers. Her vocals echoed in the almost empty 18,000-seat arena on Sunday, and several of the attending journalists were impressed by the performance. As well as in a preview concert in the Netherlands recently, Aisha now used a more forceful vocal technique than in the preview clip.


Aisha performed the song emotionally. Towards the end, a powerful wind machine set in to give an additional virtue to Aisha's blonde hair. Smoke is also used on stage, and as always in these cases, there was a discussion in the production on which amount of smoke would be the best for the performance.

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Aisha and her backing singers entered the press conference hall in the middle of the afternoon. The group entered with lots of energy and said that they are pleased with the first rehearsal. The four backing singers accompanied Aisha both with comments to the press and with singing. Together, the group performed a short a capella version of What For?

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Growing up along with the music of Guns N’Roses and Metallica, Aisha received the 2nd place award in the competition of Young Latvian vocalists when being only five years old. At the age of 11, she took part in a flutists’ competition, and only one year later she made her debut as a brass band conductor!  To the Latvian public Aisha became known after winning the TV reality show Fabrika Musical Theatre, though the invitation she received from the band Opus Pro to join their tour was of much greater significance for her career. Later in 2006, in cooperation with Opus Pro, her first debut album was recorded.  She has hosted TV broadcasts, participated in TV shows and bewitched the whole of Latvia as one of the favourites in the popular TV show Dancing With the Stars. She has also starred in movies, played in theatres, and has given concerts for soldiers in Afghanistan.


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