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DR to take a close look at artists in 'postcards'

16 January 2014 at 21:30 CET

"We will be closer to the participants. You as a viewer should get the feeling you know the artist who is on the stage," Jan Lagermand Lundme, DR’s Show Producer explains the thinking behind this year’s shows.

This means that in the clips that are played between the songs, so-called postcards, will concentrate on the artist that will be on the stage next.

Thus, artists are being asked by take an even more active role in creating the short clips by asking them to interpret the flag of their country. Through that, the viewers will get to know the artist as well as the country itself.

"The success criteria for the postcards is that each country feels that they and their artists are represented in the best possible way. If a viewer afterwards feels that they are more familiar with the country and its artist, we have succeeded," Lagermand Lundme concludes.

Film crews will be sent to all participating countries and the clips will be produced by Treshow Film Production.