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Down the Rockefeller Street with Getter Jaani

04 May 2011 at 16:58 CEST

The performance

On stage with Getter Jaani today we could find several podiums in different heights which display the silhouette of a city which is also visible on the LED backdrop. Getter is joined by two female backing singers and three male dancers.

The dominant colour of the clothes is black, but all backings have colourful applications on, in yellow and blue mainly. Getter's dress on the other hand is black/pink and is held short.

Getter starts off her performance standing on one of the higher podiums doing a magical trick with a piece of cloth suddenly turning into a stick.

The three male dancers constantly surround Getter which leaves a dynamic expression during the performance. At a later part of the song, they all embark on synchronised dancing. All of the Estonian team use one of the stairways of the stage and parts of the catwalk at the break part of the song.  The performance ended with the dancers offering roses to Getter.

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Rockefeller Street is a very contemporary song which will certainly find its fans among the televoting audience. Getter gave several faultless renderings of the song in her rehearsal this afternoon which seemed to please her delegation who were following the performances on a big screen near the stage.

How did Getter Jaani feel before going on stage?

Getter Jaani was quiet and focussed when arriving backstage. After long preparations, she was not as nervous as many other artists entering Düsseldorf Arena.

"I'm fine. It's funny that I'm not nervous. Perhaps it is because it's professional here," she says.

This is her first rehearsal in the arena, and the first time she visits the stage. She will use the opportunity for orientation to get the hang of it.

"I'm going to check that everything is okay," she says.

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Answering questions

The press conference started off with Getter Jaani presenting her team of two backing singers, three dancers and the composer Sven Lõhmus.

"I've never been on such a big stage", Getter excitedly said.

She explained that her song is a fairytale, with the dancers being Getter's guardians. The team wanted to create some kind of musical about a girl and her dreams.

Rockefeller Street would be an imaginary street, the composer Sven Lõhmus explained. It is his third time in the Eurovision Song Contest, and he disclosed that the song was especially written for Getter.

Two of the dancers were slightly injured in the rehearsal today, but it wouldn't be serious, they continued.

Asked about her favourites in the contest this year, Getter explained that Sweden and Germany would be her preferred songs.

Both of Getter's parents are choreographers, but Getter stressed that they didn't interfere with the choreography of her song this year.

About her plans for the future, Getter explained that the concentration would be on the singing, but she would like to be a dancer, tailor and designer as well!

The press conference ended with an acapella performance of Rockefeller Street by Getter and her team in front of dozens of interested journalists and fans.

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Get acquainted with Getter Jaani

Getter Jaani's rise to stardom was sparked off by the TV programme Estonian Superstar. She was the youngest finalist in the programme’s history and the jury’s favourite, winning everyone’s hearts as a beaming sunshine girl.

In 2010, Getter Jaani played one of the leading parts in the popular youth musical High School Musical. Around the same time, the young singer started her co-operation with the record company Moonwalk, which gave a dizzying launch to her solo career.

Her debut single The Best Day ("Parim päev") was produced by Sven Lõhmus and it became the most played Estonian radio hit of the year. That was followed by an EP and a summer so full of performances. Today, Getter has become the most popular young singer in Estonia.