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Don't 'Look Away' from Finland's first rehearsal in Tel Aviv

04 May 2019 at 12:12 CEST
Darude feat. Sebastian Rejman represented Finland in 2019 EBU / Andres Putting
Finland's act in this year's Eurovision Song Contest, Darude feat. Sebastian Rejman, were up on stage in Tel Aviv for the first rehearsal of their song 'Look Away'. The stage turns to blue and darker tones for the Finnish song and Sebastian delivers a strong vocal performance as he sings their song. Darude stands in front of his mixing desk to the back left of the stage and a dancer accompanies them on a raised platform in the centre of the stage.

Darude feat. Sebastian Rejman will perform third in the first Semi-Final of the 2019 Eurovision Song Contest on Tuesday 14 May at Expo Tel Aviv in Israel.

Darude is one of the most successful Finnish artists of the modern era with a true global appeal and remains one of dance music's most influential stars. At the height of the trance boom of the early 2000's, Darude (aka Ville Virtanen) created the milestone single Sandstorm. In Tel Aviv, the main vocals are performed by singer Sebastian Rejman.

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What happens on stage?

Darude and his DJ mixing table are on a platform to the left of the stage while Sebastian performs on the triangular catwalk in front of the audience. They are accompanied by a female dancer on stage whose choreography interacts cleverly with the backdrop display on the huge LED screen behind the stage. The screen shows images that remind viewers of global warming, to match with the message of the song.

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