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'Don't forget: Beauty Never Lies'

12 May 2015 at 13:30 CEST
Bojana performing on Eurovision stage Andres Putting (EBU)
If you prefer good spirit and a relaxed atmosphere with a lot of laughs and emotional moments, all you need to do is to join Bojana Stamenov’s team. A 29-year-old soul diva from Serbia has a great sense of humour, but above all she is very emotional, persistent and unique. Nevertheless, Bojana came to Vienna for a different reason. She is here to blow up your mind with her powerful voice in a song Beauty Never Lies. And that’s exactly what she did on her first rehearsal in the Wiener Stadthalle.
I’m still getting used to all of this, but I feel great. Having the adrenaline rush all the time, Bojana said on her way to the Eurovision stage, wearing a shiny silver-grey dress with a long cloak, designed by Igor Todorović.

"Costumes I wear need to be comfortable. I like to feel relaxed while performing," the Serbian representative at 2015 Eurovision Song Contest stressed.

"Bojana’s dress and everything that is happening on the stage follows a story of the song" explained Vladimir Graić, co-composer of the Serbian entry Beauty Never Lies.

During Bojana's performance, TV viewers will notice a lot of white elements and lights. However, just in the first part of a song. In the second part, the Eurovision stage turns into a more colourful surrounding: blue and pink lights matching the colours of the costumes. The stage performance is traditionally directed by Gorčin Stojanović.

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In the beginning, she feels heartbroken, but at some point she decided to set herself free. Masks are falling down and she is shining again" Vladimir Graić added.

This year’s Eurovision representative of Serbia is followed by four backing vocalists on the stage – two male and two female singers. Still, it seems like they are not only going to sing.

During the first part of Bojana’s performance, the backing vocalists are wearing long white coats, standing in the background or walking around the lead singer, holding and once in a while waving flags. At the moment, those flags are white, but that's not going to be the case on 19th of May.

Furthermore, as soon as the chorus starts, they are taking their coats and masks off and start dancing until the end of a song.

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And again why in English? "We wanted to try something different. Serbian version Ceo Svet Je Moj has a special meaning for me, but still we wanted to try something new," Bojana answered.

Both versions have almost the same message: you are beautiful no matter what others say. 

Beauty is not just about beautiful flowers. Because they can also be poisoned. You need to see through that beauty and what you usually see on the surface. The real beauty is inside, when you finally get to know someone better.

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