Dolls in the background for Mor ve Ötesi

The members of Mor ve Ötesi, the band representing Turkey in the Second Semi-Final of the 2008 Eurovision Song Contest, just finished their first rehearsal. They presented themselves on stage like a typical rock band, with the lead singer and two more musicians playing the electronic guitar, and the fourth band member playing the drum kit. Fitting the black clothes of the band members, the light scenery on stage is based on dark colours, with green lights in the foreground, while the background features both water – the general theme of the Second Semi-Final – and crazy looking dolls, playing music instruments. Mor ve Ötesi showed a powerful and convincing performance, which looked and sounded flawless from the very beginning of the rehearsal.

Mor ve Ötesi were internally chosen by an expert commission earlier this year. After being selected as the Turkish representatives for the Second Semi-Final of the 2008 Eurovision Song Contest, they picked their song together with TRT representatives. They opted for Deli, a rock song with strong ethnic influences, sung entirely in Turkish. The official video clip of the song featured the same papier mâché figures as those being displayed on the background scenery during today’s rehearsal in the Belgrade Arena.



In their press conference, the band members were asked about the meaning of "Mor ve Ötesi". They replied that it means "Purple and beyond", referring to the colour spectrum, where purple is the last visible colour for human eyes. When they were asked about the lyrics of Deli, they explained that they had decided to sing in Turkish because they can express themselves better in their mother tongue. For those who do not understand Turkish, they translated parts of the lyrics, which talk about craziness, individualism and freedom of opinion.


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