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Diva Dana reveals the Gaultier dress

07 May 2011 at 14:58 CEST

Tonight I will rock the city

Dana International arrived backstage with a large entourage. And this time, she was wearing her famous dress. 

"It's a dress by made Jean Paul Gaultier; haute couture, of course. I like it, it's comfortable, and I want to see what it looks like on stage." 

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After her first rehearsal, Dana had a good feeling.

 I think it was nice. I felt like a fish in the water, and I hope I'm going to feel the same today. I feel far more comfortable when I'm wearing simple things without make-up. Now, with high heels and everything, it's going to be a little bit more complicated, but it's going to be fun fun fun!

After rehearsing, Dana will prepare for the welcome party with all of the other delegations.
"Tonight, I'm going to rock the city! I'm going to see the dirty side and the nice side and every other side of it!" she says.

Gaultier dress unveiled

After her victory in Europe's Favourite TV Show in 1998, Dana International once again employed world renowned fashion designer Jean Paul Gaultier to design her dress. The result of the collaboration is a stunning light green dress with a scale effect across Dana's body, and a torn shred lower feature which drapes to Dana's heels.

Dana's performance today is impressive, and the assembled press and fans got a glimpse of what was to come on stage during the Second Semi-Final staging. Dana's glamorous backing singers are all dressed in white, and at the last chorus Dana walks down the catwalk waving to and mingling with the crowd.

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I liked myself today!

Due to a delay in her arrival from Tel Aviv, Dana International didn't have a first press conference. Prior to today's meeting with the press, the newly made video of Ding Dong was shown.

Dana was more pleased with today's rehearsal, saying "It was a nice rehearsal, i like myself, im saying this because last time i did not like myself!"

When commenting on her dress, Dana said "I asked Gaultier to make a comfortable dress to walk around with, I don't want to fall this time like in Jerusalem! I think it's going to be the best stage, sound, and hospitality ever."

When asked about how her career had developed over the last 13 years, Dana added "When I started I was very young, I was just a yes girl, I used to just do it. Now, I know how to stand up for myself, i'm involved more with the production, I have much more to say these days, it comes from experience. I'm a bit of a witch now!"

I'm really not a Diva

Dana was asked if she really was a diva, she laughed and added "The meaning of Diva is divine, i dont consider myself as a diva,  if you knew me in Israel, you would not recognise me,  I don't like full dressing upand  make up, i'm a very ordinary girl, modest, i'm not even close to being a diva in real life."

Dana's message

Dana was asked a question about gay rights and said "I'm not an activist, i live my life, live and let live, maybe humans are not ready to let people live the way they want to. My message is if that any people are in the closet, do not hide, we need you all as our soldiers."

Dana has a total of eight dresses, and hopes they will allow her to try the other dresses in the rehearsals. She also joked "The straight guys concentrate on my boobs and ass, the gay ones ask about my outfits and Gaultier!!"

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After Dana International's press conference she told "Jean Paul Gaultier sent me a few dresses to try, I didn't deliberate as long as I did in 1998!"

She also added a remark about her stage show "It was my decision to use the catwalk, and walk amongst the crowd, I wanted to feel the atmosphere of the crowd, it's just the best feeling."