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The directors of the 2020 Eurovision Song Contest have been revealed

27 August 2019 at 12:30 CEST
Co-Directors Marc Pos and Marnix Kaart NPO
During Dutch Host Broadcaster NPO's season kick-off, Marnix Kaart and Marc Pos were announced as directors of the 2020 Eurovision Song Contest. The two are renowned leaders in the Dutch tv industry and both have extensive experience in the field of television and live events.

Marnix and Marc will be jointly responsible for the three live shows, nine dress rehearsals and the camera plan for all of the participating acts. Marnix Kaart will focus on the visuals that bring the submissions of the different countries to life, and Marc Pos will focus on the structure of the shows, the set design and the various show blocks that entertain the audience between performances.

Marnix Kaart (52) is known for having directed countless entertainment programs and live productions, like Holland's Got Talent, The Musical Awards, Friends of Amstel live, Toppers in Concert and the anniversary registration of Armin van Buuren in the Amsterdam Arena. Experienced in working with large teams and passionate professionals, both at home and abroad, it is clear that directing is where Kaart's greatest strength lies. With respect to lending his talent to the Contest, Marnix said it was "a dream and an honour to be able to do this".

Marc Pos (50) broke through in the Dutch entertainment industry when he directed the first series Idols in 2003. He is known for being one of the founders of popular Dutch television programs such as DWDD, Nieuwsuur and De Lama’s, and has been involved with many more. With his own production company, Marc has recently turned his focus to developing new television formats: "I am an inventor, a concept thinker who tries to inspire the team in such a way that we can create a program like a well-oiled machine." In thinking about how this applies to the Eurovision Song Contest, Marc said: "[It's] one of the largest and complex directional assignments that exists, which I will sink my teeth into. We will show the world what the Netherlands is made of”.