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Dino starts Semi-Final with Love In Rewind

Posted 11 April 2011 at 14:34

How did it start?

Almost traditionally, the Bosnia and Herzegovina broadcaster BHRT decided to hold an internal selection for their representative for Europe's favourite TV-show.
But it wasn't before the end of February when Dino - who represented the country already in 1999 - revealed his entry, called Love In Rewind.
The song is set in a calm mid-tempo production and was presented on stage in the show together with a band of musicians as well as a circus artist.
Dino Merlin will try to defend his country's long streak of qualifications for the Grand Final of the Eurovision Song Contest. Since the introduction of the Semi-Finals of the Eurovision Song Contest in 2004, only four countries have managed to reach every Final of Europe's favourite TV-show through the Semi-Finals. One of them is Bosnia and Herzegovina.
Check out his photos below in our gallery!

Who is he?

Dino Merlin is the most renowned songwriter from Bosnia & Herzegovina and indisputably one of the greatest and most popular music artists in the Balkans.
In 1983, Dino establishes the pop rock band Merlin for which he writes both music and lyrics while also being the band's lead vocalist, thus becoming one of the most admired frontmen in former Yugoslavia.
Dino also wrote the lyrics for the first official national anthem of Bosnia & Herzegovina titled Jedna Si Jedina.
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Dino Merlin will start the second Semi-Final on the 12th of May in Düsseldorf.
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