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Dino's back in Eurovision for Bosnia & Herzegovina

03 May 2011 at 12:40 CEST

Twelve years ago In Israel he performed with Beatrice (Poulot) the song Putnici that ended up in 7th place. But for Dino it's almost like a new experience: "the contest has changed so much compared to the 90's, it has grown into a completely different experience."

This time he'll be accompanied on stage by five musicians and backing singers, and many more people around: "we're in front of more than 20,000 spectators. In Jerusalem, we had just some 4,000 people."

 As a songwriter I like to have a deep connection with the people listening to the music


More differences? Back in 1999 Dino did rap, something very different to this year's Love In Rewind.  "I've been around for decades, and I write different kinds of songs. I'm a songwriter that like to discover all the different questions in music. I'm moving between electronic, hip hop and folk."

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Compared to the first performance of the song at the presentation in Sarajevo, they've had only minor changes. "My first idea was to be humble and human beings, not shiny androgynes without soul."

But no matter how everything's changed, for Dino two things always remain "the song and the performance. There's no machine that can produce the human soul."

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All ready for the picture

On their first press conference the performers of Bosnia & Herzegovina appeared each with a photo frame around their head and give some to the press "in order for all to look beautiful" and also because of the lyrics of the song remind us of the good memories, just like pictures.

Dino Merlin was introduced as the biggest star in Bosnia & Herzegovina, and instead of explaining who he was he started singing his entry Love In Rewind a capella accompanied by his band.

After reminding us all of his previous participation he also went on to perform Putnici, his entry back in 1999. "I decided to come back to Eurovision because I want to keep the child in myself alive".

To remind him of his early times, a journalist showed him a picture of one of his earlier albums, when he was a member of the band Merlin back in the 80s: "Oh, now I'm enjoying myself in rewind as well!". Also in rewind he recalls the best moment of his career: "My first concert in Sarajevo in front of 80,000 people".

 I'm a songwriter, the ranking it's not important. When I wrote the song I felt something deep inside, I wasn't thinking of a scoreboard.


To the surprise of many, Bosnia & Herzegovina's song will be performed in English this year, Dino himself likes to surprise himself, and that's why Love In Rewind is his first song written in the English language after having written more than 125 songs in his career.

Dino Merlin also wanted to thank the Irish people warmth and hospitality at his1993 Eurovision Song Contest experience as a composer: "It was our first year and it was a horrible time in my city with the war. We went to Millstreet and I'd like to tell you I haven't seen such kind people and support. I will never forget it".

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Bosnia & Herzegovina's top star

Born on September 12th, 1962 in Sarajevo, Dino Merlin is the most renowned songwriter from Bosnia & Herzegovina. He has released ten studio albums (5 with his former band Merlin and 5 solo albums) as well as several greatest hits editions and live concert recordings.

In 2000, Dino performed for the first time at Kosevo Olympic Stadium in Sarajevo in front of 80,000 spectators, as part of the tour surrounding his album Sredinom which was one of the best selling albums in Southeastern Europe in the last decade.

Apart from his 1999 experience, Dino wrote the music and co-authored the lyrics for the first ever entry of Bosnia & Herzegovina in 1993 at the Eurovision Song Contest, Sva Bol Svijeta.

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