Dino Merlin goes for Bosnia & Herzegovina

Continuing their line of well-known artists, BHRT, the Bosnia and Herzegovina broadcaster, chose Dino Merlin to be their representative. 

"Several years ago I avoided the Eurovision Song Contest and suggested artists such as Laka and Regina. Now, I'm in the middle of producing my new album and I'm full of ideas. Thus, it's the time to shape those ideas for the Eurovision Song Contest and I will do that with maximum energy and hard work," Merlin says.

The song which he'll take to Düsseldorf, will be presented on the 20th of February next year. 

He is a popular singer/songwriter in Bosnia and Herzegovina, and is also popular in the other countries such as Serbia, Croatia, Montenegro, FYR Macedonia, and Slovenia.

He has already represented the country at Europe's favourite TV-show, back in 1999 together with Beatrice and the song Putnici. They finished seventh in Jerusalem, Israel. 

Last time, Vukašin Brajić finished 17th with the song Thunder And Lightning, for Bosnia and Herzegovina.

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