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Ding dong, it's Krista time!

03 May 2013 at 16:23 CEST

The clock is ticking and the time for the artists participating in the 2013 Eurovision Song Contest to arrive in Malmö gets closer. Krista Siegfrids, representing Finland, has been very active in this pre-Eurovision season. Below you can see our meeting with her in London:

Krista also took part in the Eurovision in Concert in Amsterdam and now you can also check out her great performance there:

Finnish broadcaster, YLE, has also been busy promoting their entry Marry Me. One of the features they have produced is a web series focusing on Krista's journey to Malmö with loads of ding dong and other fun stuff. If you're fluent on either Finnish or Swedish, or want to be Krista's biggest fan, you should check out these cool videos and follow the series of webisodes Marry Me, Europe!

In only one week, on the 10th of May, her debut album Ding Dong! will be released in Finland and while she's waiting for agreements for international releases of it, Krista has been shooting a video for a song called Amen, which according to her, is about "girl power"!

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The Parody Guys, aka Dekel Ben Avi & Bastien Venturi, have done a tribute to Krista's Marry Me. The video is a marriage-equality themed parody to the lyrics of the Finnish entry and was made by Eurovision fans from several countries with over 150 participants and it even features Krista herself!

Finland with Krista Siegfrids and the catchy Marry Me will participate in the second Semi-Final of the 2013 Eurovision Song Contest in Malmö on the 16th of May.