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Dina’s world in pastel and blue colours

10 May 2013 at 17:49 CEST

Dina Garipova appeared on stage in a long elegant dress in pastel colours which she is going to wear during her show in the First Semi-Final. The singer was accompanied with her two female and two male backing vocalists who all are from Sweden.

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The short dresses of the female backing vocalists were cream whilst the male vocalist wore light grey costumes, white shirts and bow ties in different colours. They all together delivered romantic but convincing performance during their second rehearsal.

"Eurovision Song Contest is a great experience for me."

In the press conference, Dina was asked in what languages she speaks. The artist said that she speaks Russian, Tatar and a bit of Italian. "I like singing in different languages", singer said.

The host asked Dina about her biggest fear and about her biggest hope. The Russian participant told the journalists: "I have no fears. I triy to enjoy every moment because these moments will never come back. I just don't want to be afraid of anything." Dina’s biggest hope is to gather here in the Eurovision Song Contest a lot of experience.

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One journalist asked Dina Garipova about her victories in the national contests in Russia. The singer told: "The victory in the TV show Golos (Voice) brought me a lot of new experience. I learnt how live TV shows work."

Dina was asked to sing a piece in her mother tongue Tatar that she has done with pleasure. One journalist told Dina that she is on the list of favourites this year. The Russian participant said: "I feel very pleased about it, and I would do everything possible to achieve the highest results."

Dina revealed a secret about her dress for the Semi-Final. She said: "I am still not sure which one I am going to wear on stage during the Semi-Final."