Dima rocks Freiburg ánd London!

Last-minute, Dima was invited to come to Germany to appear on one of the most popular television events of the country,  Verstehen Sie Spaß. Heaven and earth were moved to make the necessary changes in the schedule of the Winner's Tour, and to make sure that Dima could appear in Germany, and that he would be back in time to appear during the UK Eurovision Winner's Party at London's Scala venue.

Half of the delegation went to Germany with Dima, and left Dublin Airport around 13:00 local time, heading for Germany. Around 23:00 local time, Dima and his entourage arrived in London to join the rest of the Winner's Tour entourage. Meanwhile, former UK Eurovision Song Contest participants Bucks Fizz, Sonia and Nicki French heated up the audience, before Dima and Edvin went on stage to perform the winning song, Believe. A packed venue wanted more, and got more as Dima also performed his hit song Number One Fan. After giving several interviews, the delegation had to leave to get a few necessary hours of sleep.

Runner-up Ani Lorak from Ukraine entertained the audience right after Dima's performance. The super star, who has been awarded the Medal of the Public's Choice from the President of Ukraine after her successful Eurovision Song Contest participation, came especially to London to perform at the party, to congratulate Dima and to thank her UK fans for their support. "At first, we were disillusioned. We were so close, and then Russia took the lead and won. We were speechless for a while," the Shady Lady admitted to Eurovision.tv.

Early this morning, the Winner's Tour delegation flew from London Luton to the small airport of Kortrijk in Belgium. 

Stay tuned for photos from the UK Eurovision Winner's Party and news from Belgium!


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