Dima: "I have one dream less"

During a short stay in Oslo, Dima performed at shopping mall Oslo City in front of hundreds of excited fan, and gave autographs. During the day, he caught up with Norwegian Eurovision Song Contest participant Maria. He also did several interviews with local media. Early in the morning, it was time to move on to Dublin.

During the chat, Dima told that he finished his album for Europe and that he hopes to release it in the UK and Ireland as well. "I promise you that you will like my album, because it came from my soul. The album was made with the people who are now my friends," Dima said.

"My heroes are people who brought attention to themselves by doing the impossible, by believing in something and breaking the sterotypes," Dima said to his fans on the chat."I am already a bit sad, because my Eurovision Song Contest victory is now something of the past. It is really one dream less."

After the web chat, Dima gave an interview to RTÉ Radio and had a meet-and-greet with five lucky fans, who took part in the Eurovision.tv competition. One of the fans celebrated her 16th birthday today, and received congratulations from the Russian superstar. Two invited fans who arrived late due to a traffic jam, but Dima decided to return to the meet-and-greet to welcome them personally. Both also travelled to Belgrade to support their idol, but did not have the chance to speak with him in person. Dima´s number one fans in Ireland didn´t go home with empty hands - they all received signed photo cards, promotion material and a Eurovision Song Contest t-shirt. 

Tonight, Dima will appear on the season's last episode of the longest running talk show in the world, The Late Late Show. The live show is hosted by no one but Pat Kenny, who hosted the 1988 Eurovision Song Contest with Michelle Rocca.


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