Dima Bilan's song based on The Secret

The Spanish lyrics of the song, titled Creer, is said to go even deeper than the English version. Last week, Dima Bilan came back to Miami to rerecord at Rudy Perez's studio. Perez has worked with Julio Iglesias, Christina Aguilera, Marc Anthony, Beyonce and other pop idols and owner of  five Grammy Awards. Dima is working on his Spanish-language album with Rudy, due to be released in Latin and North America, and of course Rudy had a chance to hear the Russian Eurovision Song Contest song of this year. "Rudy Perez and all his team were so amazed and inspired by Believe, that they offered to make a Spanish version of it without any hesitation," Dima Bilan's promotion team said. 

Believe, as now revealed, is based on The Secret, a docu-movie and book produced by Australian Rhonda Byrne. The theory says that "things become thoughts," and that one can achieve everything in life by visualizing goals and thinking positive - a process called the Law of Attraction. Over the past two years, millions of people worldwide found hope in The Secret, resulting into top listings in book charts across the world. You can watch the first 20 minutes of the docu-movie The Secret on YouTube

"I want my song, which has such beautiful words and such a magical message to be comprehended by most people. That is why we decided to make it also in Spanish - one of the most widespread languages in the world," Dima said.

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