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Dim lights and classic setting for Bosnia & Herzegovina

20 May 2012 at 13:43 CEST

Backstage, Maya told about the outfit she is wearing, and said "I am wearing some jewellery from the middle ages, it is traditional old style jewellery from Bosnia & Herzegovina. I'm really proud to wear this and I think it looks really nice"

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She also spoke about the first rehearsal saying "In general, we were staisfied but we did decide to change some of the imagery on the LED screens for today's rehearsal."

On stage, Maya begins her performance sat at the piano. The setting is dark, with light shining down on Maya. She wears an elegant black dress with raised shoulder pads. It is a classy performance and the backdrop changes colour to a sunset style colour mid way through the song. 

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Maya gets up from the piano towards the end of the song and finishes her performance at the front of the stage. 

A connection between east and west in the song

Maya was asked how she reached the decision to send this particular song to the Eurovision Song Contest. She explained "Everybody asks how I decided to present this song. It's something that came from my heart, and I like to do things in life generally which are true to me."

The song Korake Ti Znam was not fully recorded in Bosnia & Herzegovina. Maya adds "We wanted to make something special with this song, as you know Bosnia & Herzegovina has crosses of culture. We make connection with the east and west, we went to Istanbul to record the particular instrument during the middle of the song. We also went to Italy to master the sound for the song."

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Maya was asked about her outfit that she will wear. She told the press "Everything about my performance is made in the way to support the emotion the song has. My fashion designer and stylist came from New York two months ago to work with me on the design of what i'm wearing on stage."

A pleasure to work with Deen and Dino Merlin

Commenting on her official preview video, Maya said "Privately I like the video very much, the director is a winner of many prizes. It was recorded in Bosnia & Herzegovina."

Maya reflected on her two previous experiences at Europe's Favourite TV Show"Both of my previous experiences were great, it was my pleasure to work with Deen and Dino Merlin, I was delighted to be part of those teams, it has really helped me in readiness for my solo performance this year."