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Different faces

19 February 2008 at 23:58 CET

Monday evening. Supermarket. About to pay. Phone! It's Barry Viniker, Chief Editor of fan site "RTS is moving their national final because of the Kosovo happenings. We need some quotes!" Damn. Why now? Why do these things never happen at 11:00 in the morning? Anyway, instead of a healthy evening walk, I call a taxi and rush home. It's amazing how in such short time, fan sites and message boards are filled with comments of worried fans, who are more than eager to find out if this has consequences for the Eurovision Song Contest itself, which is being held in Serbia. A few calls later - I talk to the head of my unit, Nicoletta Iacobacci, and Svante Stockselius, the Executive Supervisor of the contest - I have my quotes for an article. It's status green, the 2008 Eurovision Song Contest will take place in Belgrade and preparations proceed as planned.

Yesterday, we got the green light to start the official Eurovision Song Contest page on Facebook. In a couple of hours, the page was online and while I write, the 271st fan joins the community. If you're a frequent Facebook user, you should definitely join the club, where you can find photos, videos, an overview of the latest news, a discussion board and more. Join the Eurovision Song Contest club on Facebook!

Andreas - entertaining as ever - wrote a story about his personal vision on the most exciting national finals day of all. Meanwhile, we are testing streaming signals from several countries, hoping to broadcast at least two of the eight shows live through's esctv. 

Worried (and relieved) faces on Monday, Facebook on Tuesday... I wonder which face tomorrow will show! Super Saturday is also coming closer day by day as well, and I don't want to challenge destiny by clearly mentioning we have plenty of work in the pipeline. I'll stick to my pokerface for now.