Diana launches perfume and starts tour


The Latvian company Dzintars JSC developed 20 different blends for the Georgian singer, out of which she picked the fragrance that suits her best. According to the Diana Gurtskaya Production Centre, the perfume "reflects the essence of her energetic and self-reliant personality," and is a "combination of hyacinth, iris, and pink pepper flavours topped with warm patchouli and ambergris creates a sensation of self-assertion."

The Diana Gurtskaya perfume was created by the experts of one of Europe's most ancient perfumeries to serve as a souvenir. "The fragrance will complete and help conveying the true essence of Diana's inner world as expressed in her song, Peace Will Come," her spokesperson said to

On the 10th of April, Diana Gurtskaya performs in Estonia, to move on to Sweden for a reception at the Georgian Embassy for the Georgian community and local Eurovision Song Contest fans. Then, she will travel to Lithuania, to visit a boarding school for visually impaired children, and then Latvia to officially launch the perfume. 

This year's Georgian pride and hope will also tour southern Europe. More details about this part of the promotion tour will be announced in due time.

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