Diana Ghurtskaia gets Georgian ticket to Belgrade

In tonight's Georgian national final, which was held in the Sports Palace in Tbilisi, the TV viewers were treated with several interesting and remarkable performances. The element of fire was present in many of them, most notably in Irakli Pirtskhalava's stage act, whose palms seemed to be on fire. Both Irakli and his backing dancers wore golden costumes. Tamta Chelidze tried to be male and female in one person: She was dressed like a man on her right body part, complete with a painted moustache, while she wore half of a red woman's dress and long hair on the left part of her body. The girls of 3G performed in a vertical pink bed. In the beginning, they wore nightgowns, but towards the end, they stripped down to latex wear and disappeared inside the bed. 

The results 

The decision who should represent Georgia at the 2008 Eurovision Song Contest was taken by a combination of SMS voting and an expert jury. In the end of the show, an envelope was opened and the winner was announced: Diana Ghurtskaia will sing Peace Will Come in Belgrade! 

The winner

Diana Ghurtskaia has already taken part in the Belarusian national final last year, where she was among the three finalists with her ballad How Long. Tonight, she sang a pop ballad again, with the title Peace Will Come. During her performance, she was accompanied by male dancers who were waving large pieces of white cloth. Diana herself unveiled white angel wings on her back toward the end of the performance, giving a sign for peace in the world. 

Georgia will compete in the second Semi-Final of the 2008 Eurovision Song Contest on the 22nd May.

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