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[Developing story] Live from the Arena! #JoinUs

28 April 2014 at 11:59 CEST

@23:38 See our round-up of today's events at the B&W Hallerna in Copenhagen!

@20:00 That's all for today! But keep in mind that the team will be covering all the rehearsals and events in B&W Hallerne tomorrow as well. #JoinUs, take part and follow our developoing story for Tuesday, 29th of April too.

Tomorrow we expect artists from Moldova, San Marino, Portugal, The Netherlands, Montenegro, Hungary, Malta, Israel, Norway, Georgia and Poland to perform and to meet the Press.

@19:44 Did you already see this year's Minipop Eurovision Icons? They are quite entertaining - as always.

@19:30 Here is a third part of today's video backstage coverage. Enjoy and let us know what you think!

@19:03 Once again if you have any questions for Eurovision contestants, use your Social media profiles and share your thought using #AskEurovision

@19:01 Artists of all the participating countries are meeting the Press (Meet & Greet) after their rehearsals. Here you can check out how it looked like during the first working day in arena.

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*You can find the full schedule at

@18:22 If you are in Copenhagen already and thinking about what to do tonight, don't forget that Euroclub will welcome its first guests starting 22:00 CET. 

@18:15 Few minutes more and the first day in B&W Hallerne will be over! Ten delegations were hanging out in arena while the artists were rehearsing their performances on the Eurovision stage for the first time. Check out our "Behind the scene" story - Part 2.

@18:01 We have one more image gallery to share!

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@17:59 The last to rehearse today was Alex (Belgium) with his Ode for his mother. The performance very much focuses on Axel's voice with the dancer providing a sense of movement and symbolising the message of the song: the love of a child for his or her mother. Check it out!

@17:46 Our photographer was inside the arena while the contestant from Ukraine was rehearsing her song Tick-Tock. Here are some photos. What do you think about the stage and promts?

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@17:38 Mariya was accompanied by four backing vocals on the stage: Anna Linnea, Graciela Chin A Loi, Anneli Maria Tornkvist, Elin Eva Maria Svensson. The wind machine was used in the second run of the rehearsal. You can check the short preview here.

@17:29 Tell us what you think about our coverage. Follow us on Twitter!

@17:17 On stage, Axel from Belgium was joined by a single female dancer, performing gently along to the music and wearing a long black dress.

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@17:08 The light in arena looks really amazing. This is just one of the shot we made during the "game of lights".

@16:59 Mariya entered the stage with her male dancer, Roman Blazhkiv. She wore a red long dress, in colour of love like her song Tick-Tock. Here is our image gallery made during the rehearsal.

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@16:44 "I already saw the stage and it is marvelous! I can't wait to stand on it", Mariya from Ukraine told Find out more.

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@16:29 While the artists from 10 competing countries were prepareing for their first rehearsal, our video guys

have witnissed and recorded some interesting moment behind the scene. Check it out!

@16:15 This year Ukraine is going to overwhelm Europe with one of the strongest and beautiful voices - Mariya Yaremchuk. Let's check what's going on in Mariya's dressing room at the moment.

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@16:02 When you are in arena during the rehearsals you can experience quite interesting moments. For example, you really need to have a head for heights if you want to work with the lighting!

@15:51 On the stage Dilara worked with an aerial artist and three backing vocalists on the background. The female aerial artist is acting on 8-meter-high acrobatic trapeze. Check it out!

@15:42 Dont forget that you can also ask this year's Eurovision contestants some questions. Use your Social media accounts, let us know what you think.

@15:31 Another sneak peek for all the fans across Europe. Tolmachevy Sisters rehearsing in arena!

@15:20 But next to rehearse is DIlara (29). Her Start A Fire is about to "start" on the stage in Eurovision venue. We recommend you to check out the article about what's going on behind the scenes, while we are waiting to hear this year's entry from Azerbaijan live!

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@15:12 Axel Hirsoux from Belgium is also going to have his first rehearsal in arena. Let check out what's going in on in the Dressing room. Here are some photos.

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@15:00 While walking around between the presse centre and stage in B&W Hallerne, you can burn some calories quite easily!

@14:48 Twins from Russia are only 17 years old, but they appear very professional and friendly at the same time. Find out more details about their rehearsal.

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@14:40 Six contestants have already had their first rehearsals, but there are four more countries to prepare their performances on the stage - or as our Eurovsion production team would say: "Rehearsals in full swing!

@14:18 "I thought I'd be nervous but I am not!", Hersi told us before going on the Eurovision stage. Check out how her first rehearsal went out.

@14:09 "I love the international atmosphere here", Albanian representative Hersi told before her rehearsal. Find out more in the following article!

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@14:00 Did you know that there are official #JoinUs electric cars that are being used for transport between the Eurovision venue and city center?

@13:43 In the meantime, Hersi from Albania is rehearsing her song One Night's Anger in B&W Hallerne arena. We will have more details to share soon. Stay tuned!

@13:30  "Eurovision itself is a uniquely diverse institution and Pollapönk are proud to use this musical stage to send their positive message out across Europe to millions of viewers", Heidar and Haraldur exaplained. Here you can see a short preview of their perfromance.

@13:15 Pink, blue, red and yellow. Each member of the icelandic rock quartet Pollapönk has an outfit in a different colour. That's how they appeared on the stage. Find out more in our coverage.

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@13:09 It seems likes everything went smoothly for this year's representative from Sweden. You can check it yourself. Here's a sneek peek.

Find out more details about Sanna's rehearsal in our daily coverage.

@13:00 Even during her soundcheck, Sanna mesmerized us with her powerful voice.

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@12:50 After the short break seven more countries are going to rehearse today and Sanna Nielsen from Sweden is already on the stage. We will be having some backstrage photo soon!

@12:10 LIVE broadcast from Meet & Greet is about to start! You can watch it on our Web TV section.

@12:00 It's time for a short break! Sweden is next, but until then you #JoinUs on Facebook and Youtube. There is a lot of interesting content waiting for you out there!

@11:40 The performance begins with Tanja and her dancer lying on the floor, over a wooden floor background, projected by the floor LED screens. Find out more...

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@11:30 Let's see how the first rehearsal of Estonian representative went out. 

@11:17 Before we publish a short video preview of Tanja's performance, here are some photos!

@11:10 Tanja is representing Estonia this year and she is about to check the stage in B&W Hallerne too. It seems like there will be a lot of dancing and great moves. But first let's check what's going on in the backstage.

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@11:00 Many consider being second in the running order on stage, as one of the more unlucky positions to perform in the contest, but it certainly doesn't seem to affect Aarzemnieki. Check out our coverage story.

@10:50 If you want to check out how the performance of Latvian entry looks and sounds in Arena, here is a short perview.

@10:47 Here are some answers to your questions. @pelowj: There's no Live broadcast of wha's going on the stage, outside the arena. @AJCEurovision: Yes, we will have some short videos (around 30 seconds only) of each perfromance.

@10:42 It's probably too early to bake a cake, but the band Aarzemnieki is in the good mood while rehearsing their song. If you are still not totally awake, maybe you could check out Latvia's entry and learn the lyrics "on time".

@10:40 Let's see what's going on in the backstage or in this particular case in the dressing room of Latvia's delegation.

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@10:39 As we promised, here's the video and a sneak peek from Aram's first rehearsal!

@10:35 Don't forget about the Meet & Greet. You can follow it LIVE here, starting at 12:10 CET.

@10:18 You probably wonder how Aram's performance will look the Eurovision stage. Well, we will have some video as well. Until then check our image gallery!

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@10:12 Aram doesn't mind rehearsing first. He got used to getting up around 5 am while being on the tour.

@10:05 Here's a sneak peek from the backstage

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@09:59 Good morning, Europe! team is already in B&W Hallerne arena, waiting for the first rehearsals to start. Aram from Armenia will be the first to test the stage and he seems to be in a good mood. Check out what he told us before his first soundcheck.

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