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Despina sings about those we all love

10 May 2013 at 22:02 CEST

“I want it to be modest, because the message of the song is very personal. It’s about the emotion and it’s true that I’m singing in Greek that many people in the world cannot understand. Still I do believe and I hope that many people will understand what I’m actually singing about”, 37-year old singer from Cyprus told us  backstage, while waiting for her turn to rehearse for the second time on the stage in Malmö Arena.

"There’s no reason for any tension or pressure, I feel calm", Despine said. Even that she is mostly know for her very successful pop songs, she prefers ballads. “There must me someone in your life who brings the pure emotion. I’m singing about that, about someone you are keeping in your heart”, explained Despina.

"I am very happy to be here and honoured that I can represent my country. I feel blessed that I can meet so many great artists and professionals. It is a wonderful feeling for me", she added on her way to the stage.

Elegance with pure emotion

When we asked her does her love story end happily? She replied “It’s not really about happy endings. I always have someone in my mind, and my heart. I’m sure it’s the same with others. Even if that person is not there, there must be some you love or you want back.”

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While performing her emotional ballad, Despina wears a long elegant black dress from silk with some tulle parts. However, in the background there’s no strong light, just some warm shades of blue. Few cameras are following the Cypriot singer from different angles, while singing her song An Me Thimase (or in English If You Remember Me).

“I hope my people will find strength”

Despina’s Press conference got a lot of media attention. Among many journalists, some were interested as to what she thinks about the economic crisis on Cyprus. “It’s a very hard period for my country, even though other countries have same issues and experience. I hope that my people will find strength to cope with all those problems. We help each other a lot, we are in this together”, Despina Olympiou stated.

Talking about the Eurovision Song Contest, pop star from Cyprus explained how this event isn’t really about competing. “I don’t really see it as a contest. Music makes us one. That’s just another way to communicate.”

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Despina was also asked, why she picked a ballad for this year’s Eurovision in Malmö. “As you know, I don’t really write my music. This time I wanted ballad, because I believe they last longer”, she said admitting that her most successful song was a dance pop track Say It Loud.