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Despina goes for pure emotion

07 May 2013 at 16:50 CEST

This year’s entry from Cyprus is emotional ballad performed by their famous pop singer Despina Olympiou. Following her on the way to stage for the first rehearsal, Cypriot contestant told us that she is feeling cold.

Not only because she is far from her hometown, where it’s usually much warmer in mid-May. It’s mostly because Despina is wearing an elegant evening black dress, made from silk, covered with some tulle elements.

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Scenes that the viewers across Europe are going to see during her perfomance give the impression of a video postcard with the love message. Split screen is being used as part of the story that Despina wants to share. In other words, she doesn’t need any special prompts or effects, dancers or backing vocalists. That’s why her perfomance seems very convincing and personal.

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The queen of cypriot ballads has always been a fan of Eurovision Song Contest. Why she believes in her song, Despina explaines with following words: “First of all, melody is very characteristic. But the lyrics are important too. I wanted to be able to respond to the exact meaning of the words, so I hope that all of you will like my song and be moved by it’s message”.

Despina Olympiou is taking part in the first Semi-final and she is going to perform fourteenth on the 14th of May.

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