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Designing the Eurovision waiting room

That is one of designer John Zoffmann’s tasks for the Eurovision Song Contest. He has just finished furnishing the so-called Green Room inside the hall of the B&W-Hallerne, where the stars of the 2014 Eurovision Song Contest will sit during the show, while they await the results.

“We aren’t going down the sequin route. We have chosen top modern Danish design, which is simple, and aesthetic, and something that many of us could envisage having at home in the living room. But at the same time, it will have a touch of party and colour, which the Eurovision Song Contest stands for”, explains John Zoffmann. 

From Paradise Hotel to B&W-Hallerne

For the Eurovision Song Contest he has been employed as “Service Provider Manager”. And here, it is one of his tasks to furnish the Green Room.

“I am trying to create some context, so that whatever the viewers experience on stage, is also reflected in the Green Room and in the Press Centre”, explains Zoffmann.

No classics, thank you

The viewers should not expect to see the Swan, Egg or other Danish furniture classics in the Green Room during the live shows in May. 

“We considered using some of the known Danish classics, but quickly decided against that idea, as we want to avoid being completely predictable. So there will not be any “Danish modern” at Eurovision this year, but much more “New Danish look”. However, despite this some items by Nanna Ditzel have sneaked into the design because they are just so fabulous”, says the designer, with a reverent look on his face.

 “We are trying to represent Denmark in the best possible way during the show – and that also applies to furniture and lamps”, he explains.

Fake-tan proof material

Fitting out a TV studio is a completely different kettle of fish to kitting out a living room – even though the perceived atmosphere should be the same.

“The chairs and sofas should, for example, both be able to go with a small girl in a short dress, and a large fat man. They should not be able to be spun around as the artists may get nervous during the voting. And the covers should be able to be removed in case a lamp falls onto a chair of if the participant’s fake tan comes off on it”, he says with a sparkle in his eye.

“There are many considerations – One can’t just pick and choose!”